Consulting Services are foundational to our approach for helping customers achieve the highest degree of protection, and remain safe from security threats as the technology landscape changes and business needs evolve. To accomplish this, we offer several consulting options to support all phases of your project lifecycle.

Deployment Assistance: Deployment assistance helps organizations accelerate the time to production, reduces risk through design assistance, and full-featured implementation.

Management Assistance: Management assistance mitigates the risk of disruption and improves outcomes, when configuration changes are necessary

Optimization Assistance: Optimization assistance provides optimal performance and maximum protection over time.

Consulting Services Datasheet

Firewall Migration

Making the transition from a traditional port-based firewall to the next-generation firewall is a straightforward process through Firewall Migration Service. With a combination of tools, expertise and best practices, Palo Alto Networks® will help analyze your existing environment, migrate policies and firewall settings to the next-generation firewall, and assist with the transition and cutover.

Firewall Migration Datasheet 

Health Check & Configuration Audit

The Palo Alto Networks® Health Check and Configuration Audit Service will provide a proactive examination of the solution and its operating conditions. A Palo Alto Networks consultant will perform an assessment of your Palo Alto Networks solution. They will analyze the design and configuration for possible security exposures as well as make recommendations for changes to ensure your system is fully optimized and aligned with your organization’s network security goals.

Health Check & Configuration Audit Datasheet

Proof of Concept Testing

With the Proof of Concept (PoC) testing service, Palo Alto Networks® product experts will take a close look at a proposed design, execute a conceptual design test and ensure that it matches with your requirements and expectations.

Proof of Concept Testing Datasheet

Validation Testing

Validation Testing Services from Palo Alto Networks® will help customers fully understand the impact of proposed changes.

Validation Testing Datasheet

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